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Two pesants, Matashichi and Tahei, bicker like an old couple as they walk through a barren desert on their way home from burry bodies from a clan war between the Akizuki and the Yamana. Failing to profit from the war the two roam the desert when a samuarrai soldier is killed infront of them. The two argue about the samurai’s possessions and everntaully part ways.

Each of them mannage to get themselves captured by the enemy clan and are forced to dig for a hidden treasure of the along with hundreds of others. An uprising occurs reuniting Matashichi and Tahei who then escape. Seeking warmth beside a fire they miraculously find gold hidden in a stick, now on the hunt for sticks the two confront an odd man watching them. They leave intimidated, the man follows.

Beleiveing that they had lost their pursuer Matashichi and Tahei head back to camp when the odd man sits at their fire. After an awkward introduction Matashichi and Tahei reveal their plans to slip by the enemy guard line to get back home, the stranger agrees with their plans and joins them. The next morning the stranger leads the two into a hidden fortress, the stranger then reveals himself to be Rokurota Makabe, a legendary general of the defeated Akizuki clan in hiding. Matashichi and Tahei do as the general orders when they find themselves being watched by a young woman, together they pursue the young woman but to no success. When questioned by the general Matashichi and Tahei are warned to stay away from her.

At a lake Matashichi and Tahei come face to face with the unknown woman and begin to question her, after hitting the men with a stick the young woman dissapears. Matashichi and Tahei suspect her to be Akizuki, the Princess of the Akizuki clan who now has a bounty on her head, dead or alive. The next morning Tahei returns from a nearby village after trying to cliam a reward for giving information about the princess location only find out that she has already been killed. This is good news for the general who makes his way inside a hidden cave to inform the princess that his sister was killed in place of her. Angry with recent events the princess acts as a mute to avoid suspecion as Matashichi, Tahei and the general head towards the guarded boarder to sneak through.

Along the track the general scouts ahead leaving Matashichi and Tahei with the princess, beleive that she is both dead and mute they plot to take the gold and the horses escape. Their attempt is foiled when they are spotted by the gaurds who then attack, witnessing this the general returns to the princess only to realise no one is there. Not long after the princess returns with the horses and their share of gold, the general realises Matashichi and Tahei’s betrayal and orders them to leave. The two stay with the general none the less fearing for their safety.

Convinced thier plan’s were ruined the princess, general, Matashichi and Tahei decide to head back to the hidden fortress only to find that it has been set a light by the enemy clan. With no other option they continue on their journey. At the enemy checkpoint the general causes a scene to act as a distraction so that the princess may pass, to their delight the guards are tricked and they pass safely.

Now in a Yamana village the four wonder the streets to learn they they are being hunted but soldiers. they stumble upon a young woman who was a member of the Akizuki being sold into prostitution. The princess orders the general to give their horses in trade for the woman in which the seller accepts. Now with a fifth member the group push a cart full of sticks on, a group of soldiers stop by and warn the group of the fleeing queen then ride off. Believing they had fooled the guards the group continues on the road only to realise the soldiers turn back. The general acts by killing one of the guards, the remainin guards run away on horse back to inform their superiors, general Rokurota chases them.

After a brief chase the general finds himself sourrouded by enemy soliders lead by a Yamana general. The two generals engage in a lengthy fight; Rokurota leaves the victor. Meanwhile the princess, the young woman, Matashichi and Tahei make camp and lay in wait for the genral. Not long after a large group of people carrying large ammounts of stick’s pass by, the group slips in and follows the crowd. Now in the middle of the fire festival the group is reunited with the general but now are forced to throw their stick’s containg gold inot a huge fire, Matashichi and Tahei are hesitant but the genral throws the whole lot in. The group continues to dance and sing to blend with the crowd.

The next morning the group collects as much gold as they can carry, the sounds of the Yamana clan marching draw nearer. Matashichi and Tahei’s greed overwhealms them as they return to collect more only to be spotted by the Yamana soldiers. Matashichi and Tahei lead the soldiers straight to the princess, general and the young woman who are captured, Matashichi and Tahei some how mannage to avoid capture.

Now in a cell the princess, general and the young woman await death only to find that the defeated general of the Yamana clan appears. The princess sings him a song from the fire festival, now with the intent to help the princess the Yamana genral leads their escape across the border but at the cost of losing the all the gold.

Matashichi and Tahei are again walking along a barren desert, they too have crossed the border. A group of horses carrying sticks containg gold stagger toward them. The two celebrate as they beleve they are rich but all of a sudden are captured by guards. A strange man who reveals himself to be general leads Matashichi and Tahei to be Rokurota Makabe leads the two to Princess Akizuki who rewards them for their help and are later set free.Now on their way home the men begin to argue again this time ove who should have the piece of gold.


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