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The initial setup of the movie beings in the year 2154 where the earth has depleted its natural resources and must now seek an alternate source of energy. Jake Sully, a former Colonel who is sent to the planet Pandora in place of his deceased brother with promise of functional legs.

On a quest to gain the trust and understand the natives known as the Na’vi way of life Jake’s consciousness is transferred into and avatar thus gaining him the opportunity to use his legs.  This creates the first inciting incident where Jack doesn’t need his legs repaired but to simply has to lay in a machine. Upon exploration Jack meets a female Na’vi known as Naytiri who then presents him to their clan and is later accepted by the natives to undergo training to become apart of them under the supervision of Naytiri.

By now Jake’s inner and outer bodies experiences are in constant conflict, should he betray the trust gained by the natives or the trust given from the soldiers.  After several weeks living with the Na’vi Jake begins understand and appreciate their way of life and eventually falls in love with Naytiri.

Through the mid point Jake takes a stand for the Na’vi by attacking the human trucks as they destroy the jungle, this provokes the colonel to wage war againt the Na’vi.  Several gunships are sent to destroy the natives home while Jake admits his betrayal to the tribe and is about to be executed. After the gunships destroy the tree Jake is left an outcast by both the humans and the Na’vi, losing everything he had gained Jake decides to win back the Na’vi’s trust by taming the largest creature and returning to them with a message of sorrow and retaliation. Re-accepting Jake the Na’vi unite with several other clans across the planet to fight against the human’s.

As the humans make their way to the tree of souls armed with guns and explosives the Na’vi intercept them and war breaks out. After hundreds of casualties from both sides the war is won by the Na’vi. The Colonel and Jake eventually confront each other  and engage in a fight to the death in which Naytiri fires two arrows into the Colonel killing him. The war is won and the humans are forced to leave the planet. The movie concludes when Jake is permanently placed inside the body of his Avatar and is finally part of the Na’vi tribe.


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