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Im going to start off by saying that Avatar is without a doubt an enjoyable, fun moive. You will leave the cinema reasonably satisfied. This film mainly explores love and human nature with visuas that out do even the story which seems to be James Camerons main focus.

It’s a beautiful looking movie from the Navi to even the plants, facial features of the actors are flawlessly mirrored onto the Navi energizing them with life. Sure the visulas looked great but what good is an animated photo realistic movie without a strong story to stand along it. Man finds tribe, man falls in love with woman, man fights for tribe, does this sound familiar? Yes, its 1995’s Pocahontas.
Those of you who said 2010’s Avatar, i guess you were right too. Whats changed?

James Cameron dedicated 10 years of his life making this moive with nothing more to show other than a pretty picture. What a waste. One of Hollywood’s giants, one who created a cybernetic icon known as the Terminator and one of the greatest love stories on Titanic couldn’t really come up with something more origional. Maybe im being too harsh but my expectations were set much higher for a man of his caliber. Thats not to say there is no content in this moive, the battle for love is deeply explored as too is humans savage nature and greed which corrupt that world just as it has our own.

I would recomend this movie to almost anyone because of its money making formula, it works. You’ll have just as much fun learning and exploring the world of Pandora just as the characters do but dont expect any world changing messages or anything to challenge the mind.


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